Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your New Shingle Roof

It’s no easy task to set up a new roof, and when you’re also faced with the difficulty of choosing a color that will match your siding, the surrounding environment and your neighborhood, the task may be more daunting than you thought.

Fortunately, with the help of Aurora roofing companies, it will not be as hard to come up with some inspired choices that will look great in terms of aesthetics and also ensure that you get the best quality in terms of durable color choices that won’t fade as easily.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Color of Your Roof

Getting a brand new shingle roof can be an exciting prospect, but it won’t get you too far without selecting an inspired color palette for your roof. Depending on the type of roof you have, you could do well to follow a few simple recommendations before making your final choice:

  • Keep track of the climate of your area. Darker colors can increase the temperature of your attic by up to 40 degrees, so if you live in a warmer climate you’ll definitely want to avoid them. The opposite is true for cold climates, especially when humidity levels are very low.
  • Consider the architectural choice of your roof in contrast with the color. Darker colors will make many homes look smaller and more compact, while lighter ones will make your home appear large and impressive.
  • Think about the roofing colors in your neighborhood and the available color choices provided by your roofer. While you could spend extra on a unique color and texture combination, getting your home to stick out as the odd one out might not always be an inspired choice. Aiming for harmony is instead considered to be the best option, especially if you plan to impress onlookers or resell your home in the near future.

Styling and Durability

A stylish roof can go a long way towards adding value and curb appeal to your home. As a result, the quality and styling of your roof in terms of the color that you choose should also be a very important criteria to consider.

Before you consider one color or another, talk to experienced roofers from respected Aurora roofing companies and consider how the color in question will actually look on the roofing material that you choose. A certain color might look different on a wood shake roof than it would on a metal roofing system, and fading can also be a big issue in some cases. You will want to make sure that, as the color tends to fade over time, the effect will not be as striking as when the contrast is entirely visible with another color option or palette.

For instance, choosing natural colors will be a great advantage when you’re faced with an aging wood, slate or concrete roof. The colors might fate a little in the beginning, but the styling and the lower contrast between the natural color of the material and your chosen color will create less of a visible problem.

Ultimately, make sure that you select a material that either already features natural color options that won’t fade, or one that can be painted on fairly easily. You should also always talk to your roofers in order to get all the details sorted out properly and select the best color choices for your roof.