What Are Common Methods Of Preventing Roof Leaks?

For many home owners, the roof is a concern during every season, because of the specific problems that may occur and that must be addressed properly to prevent damage and accidents. Roof leaks are a common occurrence and one of the problems that must be fixed as quickly as possible, otherwise they will get worse and damage interior and exterior walls, installations and equipment, affect the roof structure or affect the building foundation itself.

What are the causes for water infiltration through the roof?

Water infiltrations can be caused by several aspects, some easy to anticipate, others less known.

  • Choosing cover solutions that are incompatible with the roof`s geometry

Sometimes the chosen roofing solution may not match the specific geometry of the roof. Therefore, it is advisable to consult one of the best roofers in northern VA who can guide you through several criteria that must be considered, such as: material, profile, dimensions, accessory elements etc. The more complex the geometry of the roof, the more the roofing solution must be adapted.


  • The pitch of the roof

Failing to adapt the cover solution to the pitch of the roof causes the most frequent water infiltrations. For example, in the case of metal shingles and classic roof geometry, installation requires a roof pitch of at least 14 degrees, otherwise there will be a high risk of water infiltrations.

  • The complexity of the roof

A complex roof involves multiple intersections, penetration points, wall connection areas, atypical valleys and water collection points and, consequently, a greater challenge when it comes to installing it, even for experienced roofers. For this reason, you must make sure that the roofing solution you choose corresponds to the characteristics of the the roof itself.

  • Using inappropriate materials

A roof means a long-term investment. Therefore, it is important to choose quality materials. There are also situations where, although the products comply with the quality requirements, they do not match the characteristics of the geographical area in which the respective construction is located. For example, in areas with massive snowfall it is advisable to use the coating systems suitable for extreme weather conditions, able to withstand winter storms and heavy snow accumulations. The northern Virginia roofing specialists can guide you so that you can choose the cover that suits your needs.

  • Improper installation

Wrong installation principles and methods, ignoring the behavior of the roof system you choose, failing to adapt the installation technique to the structure of the roof, the lack of attention to details etc. – all these aspects can lead to improper installation and, consequently, to the apparition of water infiltrations, sooner or later.

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In conclusion…

In the long term, water infiltrations can cause significant damage to the entire construction, from the roof and walls to the foundation.

Therefore, you must take into account these three main aspects:

  • Choose a customized roofing solution, installed by professional Virginia roofers
  • The degree of complexity of the roof structure as well as other characteristics require the choice of a certain type of roofing system
  • Use quality materials, which comply with functional and aesthetic requirements