What Are the Most Practical Flat Roofing Materials for Florida?

Flat roofing systems come in all shapes and sizes, but if you want the best roof for your building or home, you have to consider where you live. If your home is in Florida, then chances are you normally have to deal with a lot of sunlight and heat each and every year. Taking that into account, it’s important to make sure that your contractor can provide you with an efficient flat roofing system that can easily withstand high levels of UV radiation and heat, without allowing the heat to penetrate your home and tax the performance of your AC too much.

Why Opt for a Flat Roof in the First Place?

When it comes to having a new roofing system installed, a lot of people tend to ask why a flat roof would be preferred, when sloped roofing systems are sometimes more durable, more stylish and overall regarded as a practical choice as well.

While it’s true that for most homes a sloped roof might be preferred, the installation of a sloped roof is infinitely more intricate and difficult than that of a flat roofing system. As a result, your contractor will ask for more time and money in order to complete the job. Moreover, with a sloped roof you always have to deal with a lot of repairs and maintenance related problems that might be fine, if you own a small home, but would be a complete nightmare for a larger building.

In contrast, flat roofing systems are easy to install, and they’re often a lot cheaper – not just in terms of the materials you have to buy, but also in terms of the cost of the labor that your contractor and workers have to put in. Moreover, upgrading a flat roof is usually as easy as adding a thin layer of coating on top, and fixing problems like pooling or leaking is a lot easier than in the case of an intricate sloped roofing system.

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The Best Flat Roofing Systems for Florida

There are many practical types of roofing systems that can effectively be used for Florida, and knowledgeable roofers Pensacola FL experts can give you their best advice. Some of these might be more effective than others when it comes to their effect in warmer climates, however all of them are pretty practical when it comes to helping Florida residents fend off the heat:

  • EPDM is considered to be one of the most practical and effective types of flat roofing currently on the market. This type of rubber roofing involves a heat-resistant membrane that can keep your building cool even in the warmest weather.
  • Why not use that excess UV radiation to power your AC and your home? With solar panel roofing, that can be a reality, and solar panels are easily installed on a flat roofing surface.
  • Finally, metal roofing can be used not just for sloped roofing, but in the case of homes and buildings in need of flat roofing systems as well. Metal sheets are extremely appropriate and practical when it comes to hot climates due to their reflective qualities and impressive energy-efficiency. Also, metal sheets are surprisingly affordable, so you’re sure to find a good bargain when you contact your local contractor.