What To Do When Record Hail Hits Your City

Colorado hail StormsDenver roofers have been building new roofs non-stop since hail storms of epic proportions started in 2017 and 2018. The entire Denver metro area saw record hail storms that caused billions of dollars in damage. 2019 is a new year and there is still quite a bit of work remaining to restore all the buildings affected throughout the Denver area.

Finding Roof Damage Through Inspection

Roof inspections start the process of determining damage and insurance coverage options from a hail storm. Most people do not decide to go out and buy a new roof unless an insurance claim is picking up the tab. New Roof Plus is Haag Certified for both residential and commercial roofing systems inspections. Like many things in life, it’s smart to use someone who is trained and professional. At New Roof Plus, we believe in continuous education and constant improvement. This is why we are Haag Certified. You don’t have to be certified in roofing and most roofers are not. But we feel it makes us much better so we insist on being certified.

The Insurance Claim Process

Your building insurance policy provides certain roofing protection and roof coverage for your structure. The policy has restrictions and limitations as well. We see and review policies all the time with customers. We are not legal advisors but we have a lot of experience understanding the limitations and exceptions on a Denver roofing and building insurance policy. Some Denver roofing companies are not as prepared as they should be for this part of the roofing business. Most consumers prefer to have an expert with experience on their side. Understanding the full extent of your coverage is good knowledge to have when preparing to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Getting Your New Roof

Roofing Denver homes and buildings is a tough job. Getting a new roof is a somewhat disturbing experience. It’s loud, it’s messy, they start early, it appears dangerous, there are nails and old material being ripped off the decking. The neighbors’ dogs are upset. It’s kind of stressful for the building owner and so it’s a big deal. And this is with good weather.
The weather needs to play nice so crews can remove the old damaged roofing system and then install a completely new roofing system in its place. A typical home in the Denver metro area can have its roof removed and replaced in a single day. Sometimes the crew needs to return the next morning to ensure a perfect completion to the work and then a perfect cleanup.

Checking Reviews

When you begin this odyssey of possibly getting a new roof due to hail or storm activity, the first place to look is at Denver roofing company reviews. Reviews in today’s world tell a lot about a company. Most roofing companies have to really work hard to attain a very strong review profile. Happy customers usually just say “thanks” in person and move on with their lives. To get a large review portfolio a roofing contractor today needs to earn every great review. They have to ask for the customer to write it. But no one asks for reviews if they are not proud of the work they do. Getting a 5-star review after the roofing company came in and exploded the roof and then buttoned it all back up into a beautiful new roofing system takes a lot of communication, a lot of hand-holding for some, preparation and outstanding clean up for the finish.

New Roof Plus has a motto, “Building New Roofs and Relationships”. Every customer we get to serve we want to be friends with them. We want this for a couple of reasons. Number one, it’s more fun to work with people who like you. Number two, it helps us continue to grow. If we are friends, people want us to succeed. If we are friends, we want to please them with a job well done. If we are friends, they will gladly write us a review to tell others about us. So we like our motto and hope you will to.