Are Gutter Guards Worth the Money for Your Home?

Gutter guards are inexpensive, but even so, you may wonder whether they are worth the investment, no matter how small. The answer is positive – gutter guards come with a lot of value for the small price they cost. When checking with local roofing Algonquin IL contractors, here are some of their features and major benefits.

What Are Gutter Guards Good for?

Gutter guards are simple devices that go either into or on top of the gutter pipes and they are used to prevent debris from gathering inside the gutter pipes, thus preventing gutter health and gutter clogging. During rainy periods or when the snow on the roof melts, the water that reaches the gutters carries all sorts of debris, such as leaves and twigs, that becomes deposited inside the gutter pipes and forms clogs if the pipes are not fitted with guards. The clogs obstruct the way of the water, forcing it to flow down the walls, in some cases reaching into the basement and into the house’s foundation as well. The process can make the walls wet and can also cause mold to appear, what’s more, clogs can damage the gutter pipes as well, so preventing their appearance is important for the health of your entire building.

leaves clogging a roofing gutter

The Benefits of Gutter Guards

Here is how gutter guards protect your home:

  • Unobstructed water flow – gutter guards prevent the formation of gutter clogs resulting from the accumulation of debris over time. The clogs are harmful not only because they direct the water that should fall down the gutter toward the wall, but also because they create a favorable environment for rust and corrosion and they cause the gutters to crack and to bend, so it is very important to prevent their appearance;
  • Longer gutter life – clean gutters work better and live longer;
  • Protection against water damage for your walls and for your foundation – walls and foundations tend to absorb excess water, a process that leads to cracking and water damage and should be avoided;
  • Protection against pests – gutter guards prevent animals, such as birds, raccoons and hornets from building nests inside the gutter pipe, thus preventing them from entering the house as well;
  • More efficient rain harvesting – getting water to flow where it should makes rain harvesting easier and more effective;
  • Low costs – gutter guards are affordable, much cheaper than new gutters;
  • Reduced maintenance – gutter guards are not completely maintenance-free, they need to be taken off and cleaned once or twice a year, but they are much easier to clean than gutters.

Gutter Guard Types

Here are the most common types of guards:

  • Mesh gutter guards – these guards consist of metal sheets that have holes and are installed on top of the gutter pipes;
  • Reverse curves – these half pipes direct the water into the gutter pipe and the debris that comes with the water to the ground;
  • Bottle brush guards – thee guards look exactly like the name suggest, like large bottle brushes with bristles facing upright;
  • Foam guards – this type works like a sponge lining inside the gutter that lets water through and keeps debris on top.