roofing mistakes

Top 3 Roofing Mistakes

In this article, you will understand the primary mistake that most homeowners commit when it comes to roofing mistakes. Roof installation and repair requires a fine eye for detail that can save you a lot more money in the long run. You should look at your roof like an investment that is going to give you the benefits as long as it is stable. We’ll help you understand the effects of cutting corners, negligence and much more.

1. Replacement

Replacement of roofs in itself can be elaborated to a great extent. But for the sake of the length of the article; we’ll go over the basics. There are two essential areas that you need to focus on; they are the replacement of shingles and replacement of metal flashing. When it comes to shingles, may roofing companies tend to place new shingles over old shingles; this can lead to an accumulation of moisture and dirt in the space between the new and the old layers. Secondly, metal flashing needs to be replaced to protect the structural integrity of the roof. So make sure that the professional you hired doesn’t cut corners and actually installs a new metal flash.

2. Moisture protection


When it comes to moisture protection, people tend to believe that the slope and gutter are important. But the truth is that, a properly constructed roof will have a moisture bed below the shingles to protect the roof from moisture. Moisture can lead to crack formation that can lead to the occurrence of leaks.

3. Fastener Length

During the installation of shingles on your roof, ensure that the fasteners that are used to keep the shingles in place are of accurate dimension. If you use a fastener that is of improper dimension, then the shingles will shift out of place leading to leakage and structural integrity issues.
That is not all; roofs don’t need to be replaced or repaired for quite some time. But bad fasteners can lead to the roof needing replacement and repair, soon after installation. Such an occurrence would lead to large expenses and the need to move out while work is done on the roof. Shingles can shift and even lead to breakage from the roof. To prevent such a mistake from happening, make sure that the nails go all the way to the deck. A way to check whether the fastener is in place is to go for a roof inspection after the work has been completed.