Home Improvement Projects to Increase Your Home’s Value

Lincoln replacement windows

The main characteristic of the exterior home improvement projects is the fact that they must resist – qualitatively and aesthetically! – to aggressive environmental factors (sun, wind, rain, frost-thaw, physio-chemical-biological factors etc.).

The success of an investment in exterior renovations lies in the correct planning, from the very beginning. Starting such a project without having a few milestones set in advance, undoubtedly leads to failure. So, here are the details that you should take into account before renovating the exterior of your house:

  1. The complexity of the project: Renovation can be made for maintenance, for repairs, for modernization, etc. It is important to have a clear and complete vision of the project you are going to start.
  2. Prioritization of the interventions: Typically, this will be done according to two variables, namely the budget and the consequences. The order of priorities: interventions that do not support postponing go first; practical but not essential interventions, elements that we want, but which are strictly optional come after.
  3. The importance of quality: In terms of quality, we must discuss both the materials and the workmanship. In vain you invest in high-performance materials, if their installation is deficient – and vice versa.

What do the exterior renovation works involve?


In principle, the renovation of the façade influences has the most influence on the thermal efficiency of the building and, implicitly, on the energy consumption. According to specialists, the application of insulation on the exterior walls of the house has the best results in this regard.

From an aesthetic point of view, the façade has a great visual impact.

Siding is one of the most popular and convenient ways to finish a façade, as it will beautify the building and can be easily combined with the insulation of the exterior walls.


Renovation of the roof does not only involve changing the tiles/ shingles. A complete renovation also includes strengthening the resistance structure, insulating the roof from all points of view (thermal insulation, waterproofing and acoustic insulation), ensuring adequate ventilation, replacing the drainage system and so on. It should be noted that postponing the renovation of a damaged roof can have devastating effects on the entire building.

Window and door carpentry

In terms of carpentry, you have two options to choose from: either restore your old windows and doors, to maintain the classic appearance of the building (in some situations, the law actually requires this!), or replace the old elements with new ones, made of modern, durable and energy-efficient materials (WPC, PVC, fiberglass). A recommended Lincoln replacement windows company is a great place to start looking into these options.

Why opt for exterior renovation of the house?

The list of advantages of such an investment is very extensive, and includes:

  • Energy conservation: Adding insulation prevents the transfer of temperature between indoors and outdoors and, implicitly, reduces the monthly costs related to heating or cooling the house.
  • Reducing maintenance: Renovating is the perfect opportunity to install high-performance solutions with extended validity, which will minimize the costs associated with maintenance.
  • Increasing safety: Often, the masonry, roof and safety features of a building can be affected, without us knowing it. By completely uncovering, we could inspect these elements and repair the problems, increasing the safety level of the building.

Last but not least, the exterior renovation must be seen as an investment. This statement is based on the fact that most of the experts believe that a renovated building can increase the value of the house even by 50%.