How to Choose Your Residential Roofing Material

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Roofers in Greenville SC often talk about the difficulty of choosing the right roofing material for one’s home. If your old roof is damaged, you’ll want to make sure you selected the very best type of roofing that will keep you and your family safe from storms and excessive heat or cold, as well as ensuring that you won’t have to repair or replace the roof for quite a while.

Doing Your Research

The first step when selecting your new roof is to consider the area and the climate and do some research on what different roofing materials might be able to do for you. This means also consulting expert local roofers who know all about the details regarding which roofing materials are normally used in Greenville and which ones are not.

Most roofers in Greenville SC will point you towards concrete, clay and slate as being the most lucrative choices, since they are not affected by humidity and temperature fluctuations, and they won’t easily be blown off the roof during a storm. Although these materials can be harder to work with and more expensive, once they are installed they will likely last for decades without needing too much work.

Which Material Is the Most Durable?

Once you decided upon a type of roofing material to consider, it’s always important to evaluate its potential and efficiency against certain stressors. Will it withstand the test of time? Will it be capable of protecting your home against the elements? Oftentimes it will be hard to tell, but a trusted local roofer Greenville residents recommend will probably be able to give you some pointers.

First of all, it’s important to consider that not all materials are completely impervious to storms and bad weather. Slate can be somewhat brittle which means it may be affected by hail and bad storms. It will likely require some maintenance over time, even though it’s considered the most long lasting of roofing materials.

Metal roofing materials will require a little more work in this weather due primarily to the humidity of the area and the fact that metal tends to expand and contract when the temperature changes to a greater extent. As a result, even though metal might hold out well in violent storms, long term damage and exposure to moisture can cause it to require more frequent repairs than it would in any other geographical area.

Clay and concrete will likely be the best roofing materials you can consider, with asphalt and composite shingles being ideal if you’re on a budget. These materials are more resilient and capable of handling the unique conditions that the Greenville climate might present.

Getting to Work

Finally, when you’re sure you want to use a certain roofing material, it’s time to contact your local Greenville roofers and have them measure your roof and examine it to make sure everything is fine before the roof replacement project can be set in motion.

In some cases you might find that some structural damage still has to be dealt with before the new roof can be installed. This is normal, and the best roofers in Greenville SC will pretty much always be prepared to deal with the problem.