Questions to Ask your Roofing Insurance Adjuster

Before making a roof insurance claim, you should consult with a knowledgeable Thornton roof repair specialist, and have them inspect the damaged roof and estimate costs of repair or replacement. Ideally, you should be able to prove the condition of your roof before the event that caused the damage, so it is good to gather up together roof inspection reports, pictures and anything else that could prove to be helpful.

Thornton roof repair

Making an insurance claim is never easy and some people consider it art, not science. That’s mostly because you must know how to navigate through this complex process and get the most coverage from your insurance company. The truth is if you rely exclusively on your insurance company to calculate your roof damage and the amount of coverage you’re owed, it is unlikely to end up with a fair settlement. The adjuster sent by the company works for the company, not for you, and no matter how friendly he/ she is, the evaluation will not be as you expect it to be.

Compromises are inherent, but if you feel too frustrated, you should hire a public adjuster, who will be on your side, like your own advocate and use their professional resources to get you the highest possible payout.

Questions to ask your roofing insurance adjuster before hiring them

  • Do you have a license that allows you to practice in this state?

Regardless the specialist you need to hire, you must always ask about their license. Some public adjusters become qualified individually, while others prefer to work under the license of another firm.

  • Do you have local affiliations?

Having local affiliations with reputable companies is a good indicator of the level of reliability.

  • Can you tell me more about your credentials and skills?

Do not be ashamed to insist on knowing for how long the adjuster has been in the business and practicing in your state. It is also good to know about other claims your adjuster has signed up in your area and make sure he/ she does not take on more claims that they can handle, because such a person is unlikely to offer you the attention you need.

  • Are you the person who is going to handle my claim?

Make sure you are talking with the individual who will actually represent you, not with a sales representative who will pass your claim to someone else you do not know.

  • Can you give me some references?

A reliable insurance adjuster will be happy to provide you names of past clients that you can contact. Make sure these are not only recent contacts, but also references from the past 2-3 years, because they are an indicator of your adjuster’s local experience and reputation.

  • How will I pay you?

Public adjusters work usually on contingency fees, which are negotiable in all states. You will have to agree upfront on the fees you are going to pay. You should also know that you have the option to ask your adjuster to handle only a part of your claim. There is also the possibility to terminate a contract before finalizing the settlement, and in this case you have to know how much you will owe your adjuster.