Thoughts of What You Should Ask Your Local Residential Roofing Company

Finding the right roofing company to install the new roof on your home is an essential component of success – only a roofer who is a true master of the roofing trade and who is also honest and helpful can ensure that your roof will be as attractive, reliable, strong and durable as you expect it to be.

The first step in finding any kind of construction professional is to prepare a list with the potential candidates. For information regarding the available roofers in your area you can turn to the people you know or to the internet or, even better, you can use both word-of-mouth information and online resources. When you have identified at least three or four roofer who might be suitable for your project, an even harder phase follows: that of meeting the roofers in person, interviewing them and figuring out which candidate is the best. To make this task easier for you, here are some questions and topics to discuss during the meetings.

Longevity in the Business and Area of Expertise

Ask the roofers how long they have been in the business. The roofing industry is a highly competitive segment, with businesses appearing and disappearing all the time, so a contractor who has been successful for several years is surely one that provides excellent services.

Finding out about the roofer’s specialty is also essential – you need a company that specializes in exactly the type of project that you have. Roofing is a huge field of construction, with lots of new materials, techniques and technologies being introduced frequently, so most roofers specialize in specific types of roofs and services.

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Licenses, Insurances and Warranties

Only a roofer licensed in your state can provide the warranties that you need and only a roofer who is properly insured can give you the peace of mind that you will be compensated in case of any damage or injury sustained by your or your properties because of the roofer’s fault. Ask the roofer that you are talking to show you the relevant documents and also take the time to study them.

A good roof comes with documents provided by the roofer that handled it – you need a roof repair Lakewood CO contractor who gives you manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used on your roof and labor warranty on the services provided.

The Roofing Process

Ask the roof repair Lakewood CO candidate to explain to you every step of the roofing process, from the design and the material purchasing phase all the way to driving in the last nail. The roofer’s willingness to communicate and to explain project phases in layman terms proves that your roofer considers you an equal partner and respects your thoughts.

You should also find out how communication between you and the roofing company will be handled. Knowing who to contact in case of an issue or a question that you have and knowing what communication channels to use.

The Quote and the Contract

The discussion with your roofer should be followed by the issuing of a written cost estimate by the contractor. If you accept the cost estimate, the last step before the work can start on your roof is the drafting and signing of a contract with your roofer. Ask the roofers that you talk to whether they are willing to enter such a contract – you should only work with a roofer that is.