What Questions Should You Ask a Professional Roofer After a Storm?

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So you just got hit by a pretty serious storm, and you call reputable roofers in Austin to see if there’s anything wrong with your roof. Once they take a glance at your roof or prepare a closer inspection, the following questions should help you get a few more answers from them:

  • Is the damage considered to be an emergency? It’s important to ask this even if the damage caused by the storm doesn’t look that bad. An emergency repair might be required if, for example, the roof was damaged in such a way that rainwater can flow into the decking and cause severe water damage in areas that can’t be subsequently repaired without removing at least a part of the old roof, or if the roof is in bad shape and your home could be flooded next time it rains a little more heavily.
  • What are the solutions that you propose? This is another very important question that you should always as your Austin roofer after a storm. You need to know what they’d suggest and what the most practical courses of actions might be in a situation such as this. You can then ask for a second opinion, compare the roofer’s response with what you know and found out from other roofers, or start asking more questions to make a more informed decision.
  • Is a roof replacement necessary, or would a simple repair be enough? This is a more complicated question than you might expect. When your roof is hit by a storm, it’s important to keep into account a variety of variables, such as how old the roof is, what condition it was in before the storm hit and how greatly it was hit. These and other factors, such as the materials the roof was made from, can provide you with the right insight on whether or not it should be replaced.
  • How much will the entire project cost? Can you get a written estimate? Learning about the costs and other details of the project is very important, as it will inform you on what measures the roofer could take and what they will all cost. The second part has more to do with the Austin roofer being trustworthy and transparent. If they are, then they won’t have a problem with a written estimate, which should be considered pretty much standard in today’s industry.

Roofers normally share information freely and are more than happy to talk about their trade and supply you with essential answers to your vital questions. Any roofer who fails to do this should already represent a red flag that you need to look out for.

You’ll find, however, that most roofing professionals in your area will be happy to assist you in finding out everything you need to know, and aside from readily giving you a detailed, written estimate, they will provide you with information that is genuinely helpful, rather than just avoiding the main issue or giving you a bunch of technical terms that you really can’t do anything with in most cases.