The Top Materials Roofing Experts Recommend for Kansas Buildings

Springfield roofing

In commercial roofing, the stakes are higher and the requirements can be far steeper, despite the flatness of most commercial roofing systems. Experts will tell you that, while the Kansas commercial roofing market is saturated with high quality products, it’s essential to understand the specific traits and qualities of each type of commercial roof and why you might (or might not) want it for your commercial building.

Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing has been around since the early 1800s, and is considered to be the best traditional roofing product for commercial roofing applications. A dependable built-up roof can consist of as many as 6 plies of roof felt material laminated in hot asphalt, and it’s able to ensure that the structure of the roof will withstand the test of time. Built-up roofing is characterized by its trait of being adaptable to many different types of materials, depending on the area you live in and the qualities you’re looking for. As such, experienced Springfield roofing contractors will tell you it’s an excellent choice for the diverse weather conditions in Kansas, whether you want to defend against strong winds or extreme sunlight.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen roofing systems are nearly as popular and versatile as built-up roofs. They were introduced in the early 1970 as a user friendly roofing material that is easy to install, and can provide contractors with a faster way to add resilient roofing to larger buildings.

Lightweight, Energy Star compliant and available in many design and color options, modified bitumen is similar in construction to BUR (built-up roofing) membranes, and its versatile construction makes it adaptable to virtually any type of roof deck.


PVC roofing is one of the most popular single-ply roofing materials out there. PVC roofs are designed to use only a single layer of polyvinyl chloride, and are considered to be among the best roofing materials for withstanding the increased precipitation in areas like Kansas. It can also be great for areas where the heat is considerable, as it can reflect almost 90% of the sun’s heat.

EPDM and TPO Roof Membranes

If you’re looking for a solidly built commercial roof, you can’t ignore the advantages of EPDM and TPO roofing. Both considered among the best single-ply roofing materials on the market, these membrane roofs are built for outstanding durability and practicality. EPDM is a vulcanized rubber roofing product that can be manufactured in wide sheets for use in large commercial buildings. While it’s only available in black and white coloring, EPDM is surprisingly resilient, and offers many options regarding its installation – such as being fully adhered or mechanically attached.

Alongside EPDM, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is considered to be the best type of commercial roof that you can think of installing. This material is less expensive than EPDM and offers significant added advantages, such as the ability to reflect sunlight, which you won’t get with an EPDM roof.

TPO also has an advantage over other materials, since it’s not bonded by adhesives. Instead, it is welded together and capable of withstanding the natural stressors associated with Kansas weather, such as strong winds and frequent storms.