6 Services Your Commercial Roofing Contractor Should Provide

The roof is an essential component of any building envelope, commercial, industrial and residential alike. Commercial roofs, especially flat and very low-sloping structures that are made from special materials chosen to meet special requirements, need to be handled by roofing contractors with experience in working with commercial roofs – here are the services that an all-round commercial roofing contractor provides.

  1. Roof Installation

Putting up a new commercial roof is a complex process that requires specialized know-how as well as special tools. Commercial roofers are familiar with the roofing materials that work best in your geographical area as well as for your application, they can help you choose the most suitable, most affordable and most durable roofing solution and they will also ensure that your new roof is installed correctly, backing up their work with warranties.

  1. Roof Maintenance

Any roof needs to be inspected and cleaned once or twice a year. Commercial roofers provide such maintenance services as well – whether you start a roof maintenance program or you call a roofer a couple of days before maintenance is due, these services are affordable and also essential for keeping your roof in good condition.

  1. Roof Repairs

Even the best-kept roof can sustain damage and when it happens, the roof needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Commercial roofers provide repair services as well – whether it is a small leak caused by a tiny crack, some components displaced by a storm, a larger leak caused by damaged flashing or a clogged gutter, your roofer will remedy the issue for you in a professional manner.

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  1. Partial and Complete Roof Replacement

Whether you need to get the old roof on your commercial building removed and replaced completely or a partial replacement is enough, your expert Kansas City commercial roofer will help you with this type of service as well. You can turn to your roofer for consultation regarding the best materials to use, for help with the material purchasing process, for the removal of the old roof and the disposal of the generated waste as well as for putting up the new roof.

  1. Roof Evaluations

If you are planning to purchase commercial property, it is a good idea to get it inspected by specialized contractors to make sure that the major systems of the building are in good condition. Having an experienced roofer by your side when you visit the property that you are interested in is a great way to perform an instant inspection of the roof.

  1. Help with Insurance Claims

If your commercial roof has been damaged by a storm or has sustained damage for some other reason, it is very important to record and to document the damage properly as well as to fill in and to file your insurance claim correctly. Your commercial roofer can help you with that process as well as later, during the negotiations with the adjuster sent by your insurance company. Your roofer can also provide you the roofing cost estimate for the repairs that you need your insurer to cover for – a good commercial roofer will be able to provide an estimate that complies with your insurer’s requirements in terms of format as well as in terms of contents.